“To say that I like coffee is sort of an understatement.”

Coffee is king in our house. Even power outages don’t keep us from grinding up beans and brewing a pot in the French press (hammers aren’t just for hanging pictures). You get it––I dig coffee. But to me, much more interesting and awesome is all that happens before the cup is brewed. The roasting process is fascinating. Taking a raw bean and roasting it to its perfect place. The layers of flavor are ridiculous, and continue to develop after roasting. City, Full City Plus–Light or Dark. It’s pretty awesome.

Roasting beans started as a hobby I picked up from my father-in-law while working in corporate America back in 2004. Hobby slowly grew into passion, and in the winter of 2010, the birth of my son changed our world. It suddenly became clear that I wanted my passion to be my work¬–to provide for my son by doing something I loved.

In that first year home with my son I spent countless hours studying and honing my roasting skills, talking and explaining a process to a baby who had no idea what I was saying, but at the very least could sense my happiness and excitement.

“I’m doing what I love, I’m not looking back and I’m sharing it with you.”

bru coffeeworks will re-connect you to your love of coffee. It’s about romance–brewing and drinking coffee that’s freshly roasted (we’re talking 48 hours or less). It will change your coffee experience forever. I’ll make sure you know all about your coffee, down to the harvest location. Whether it is a Dark-Roasted Costa Rican or a Light-Roasted Rwandan, you’ll get the coffee experience you want.

bru coffeeworks will transform your morning routine with a true coffee experience.